Set 2: Adirondack Bench, Chair, Table and Ottoman

1 Item #8008 Adirondack Loveseat Banch
1 Item #8002 Adirondack Chair
1 Item #8004 Ottoman
1 Item #5103 End Table
Set 1 Combines our most popular Adirondack Chair, our Adirondack Side Table and Footstool. This is by far one of our most popular sets.

The generous width, contoured seat and gently curved back of our Adirondack chair will cradle you in comfort. The arms are nice and wide, and level to give you a place to set a drink, and built at just the right height for comfort.

Our ottoman is the perfect companion for our Adirondack chair. Our ottoman is sized to slide under the chair, out of the way, when you are not using it.

The simple, square Adirondack table is solid, and functional. It is the height of the arms on our Cedar Adirondack Chair, so it fits into the set very nicely.
We start with hand selected 5/4" Western red cedar, and layout each piece individually. All parts are made to exact templates to ensure the quality fit of each piece.

Choose the level of finish sanding that best suits your needs. Options available are Ready to Assemble and Fine Finish Sanded.
Your furniture will ship to you disassembled, ready to finish. All of the hardware and instructions are included.

Chair Dimensions:
Overall Width: 29"
Overall Height: 38"
Overall Depth: 35"
Seat Width: 20"
Seat Height: 14" at front edge
Back Height: 31" above seat
Arm Rest Height: 21" above floor
Arm Rest Width: 5-1/2"
Ottoman Dimensions:
Overall Width: 17"
Overall Height: 11-1/2"
Overall Length: 20"
Table Dimensions:
Overall Length: 20"
Overall Height: 21"
Overall Width: 17"
Bench Dimensions:
Overall Length: 55"
Overall Height: 38"
Overall Depth: 35"
Seat Width: 46"
Seat Height: 17" at front edge
Back Height: 31" above seat
Arm Rest Height: 21" above floor
Arm Rest Width: 5-1/2"
Priced from  $599.00 to 749.00
Not available in Rough Cut. Pieces available in Rough Cut separately
Adirondack Bench Chair, Table  and Ottoman, Ready to Assemble with Standard Hardware $599
(Pre-drilled, edges rounded over, and sanded, ready to paint, or assemble and use)
Stainless Steel Hardware $70
Fine Finish Sanding $80
(Hand sanded on all surfaces, ready to apply spray on paint finish)
"The Adirondack bench arrived yesterday and I assembled it today. What a WONDERFUL bench! I've been searching for one for awhile, but none have the "feel" of a Adirondack chair. This bench does and I'm glad I took a leap of faith that it would. Unfortunately, I think I'm going to be sitting in it instead of doing yard work!
Many THANKS!!"  -  Kevin R