Heirloom Swinging Cradle Crafted in Country Pine


  • Beautifully and lovingly hand crafted in solid red oak. The gently swinging motion of our heirloom cradle will sooth your new arrival to sleep in blissful comfort.

  • Quality mortise and tenon construction, and heavy feet and columns ensure that your cradle will be stable. Built to last through future generations, your new cradle will truly be a treasured family heirloom.

  • Fits standard cradle bedding. Includes 2" thick foam mattress with vinyl cover.

  • Assembles easily. Disassembles easily for convenient storage
  • Priced from  $899.00 to 999.00

    Note: Color swatches are approximate. Colors may vary due to differences in monitor settings, and differences from one piece of wood to the next.