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We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

It seems that I had let the card that I pay for my web hosting with expire, and had not updated it, so unbeknownst to me, this website was offline since Monday afternoon.  Fortunately for me, the web hosting company called my this morning to let me know, and we got it all straightened out.  I had thought it was awefully quiet, with no new orders coming in, now I know why.  If you tried to visit and weren’t able to get to our site, please accept my apology.

New Products Coming Out

I am super excited about some new product ideas I have.  I have sketched some of them up in CAD, and couldn’t wait to put them out there for some feedback.

First item up is a wider version of our very popular dining chair.  This new version will have a seat width that is an additional 3″, which will make it more comfortable for larger framed folks like myself.

Wider width Dining Chair

Wider width Dining Chair

Next, I wanted to add some coffee tables to match our side table.  A lot of people set up their furniture on a patio or deck, and use it as an outdoor living type grouping, The coffee tables will lend themselves nicely to this.  The coffee table is 4″ shorter than the side table, mainly because that is what I typically see in living room groupings.  I couldn’t decide on using the same width as the end table, or another 6″ wider, so I am going to do both options.

Standard Coffee Table

Wide Coffee Table

Wide Coffee Table


What started this was that I have a patio umbrella that I bought a few years back, one of those “too cheap not to get it” kind of deals, and I figured I would come up with a use for it eventually.  Well, to date I have not, so I came up with two Adirondack chairs joined by a side table.  I can put a round hole with a grommet in the table and there is enough room below the table for an umbrella stand.  Now that I have mentioned this, I will, of course, have to come up with a good source for umbrellas and umbrella stands.


While I was thinking about making the wider dining chair, I thought , “why not make a bench out of it too?”


Which, of course, led me to the idea of a porch swing.


And Now for a Shameless Plug

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Photo courtesy of one of our customers, Mr. McManus.

Photo courtesy of one of our customers, Mr. McManus.

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Get A Stepladder

Okay, this one is just a quick rant.  Let me just say, Do Not Use Your Chairs as Step Stools, Ladders, Jungle Gyms, etc.  Seriously.  One of my nephews apparently saw fit to use Grandpas chair to stand on while getting something down in the garage.  This would have been fine had he only stood in the seat, however, standing on the arm rest is not a good idea.  As the name implies, they are to rest your arms on while you sit down, or maybe set a drink on.  They are not made to stand on or sit on.  Just so you know right up front, I will not warranty this kind of damage, and odds are, you might fall and hurt yourself.  Do Not Sit or Stand on the Arm Rests of Your Chairs or Benches.