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A couple of new additions

The Throne

I have had the idea in my head for a while for really big, significant chair with thick slabs of wood for arms, a wide seat, heavy construction, big, over-sized bolts, and I finally got around to building one. It is available on our web site now, I call it “The Throne”.

Featuring a generous seat width of 27″, massive 8″ wide x 8/4″ arms (wide enough to set a dinner plate on), 8/4 frame and front legs, fastened together with over sized bolts, and weighing in at nearly 45 pounds, this is a significant chair, built for the discerning king and queen.

I modeled it after our Fan Backed Adirondack Chair, but beefed up the frame, the legs and the arm rests.

The throne, shown with two coats of spar varnish

The throne, shown with two coats of spar varnish



The Big & Tall Chair

I also had a request to build our wide width standard chair with taller legs and higher clearance between the seat and the top of the arm rests. I liked the chair so much when I got it built that I decided to offer it to you. I call it the Big and Tall Adirondack Chair. It combines the best features of our standard chair and our Fan Backed chair – a contoured seat and back, wide seat width, comfortable arm rest height for taller folks, and a taller back rest. I think this may be my new favorite chair, since I am a bigger guy. I really like this chair, and I think you will too.

8018-1 8018-2

This is our Big and Tall Adirondack Chair  with wider seat, taller arm rests and taller back

This is our Big and Tall Adirondack Chair with wider seat, taller arm rests and taller back


More Options and Lower Prices. It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than That

We are now offering all of our cedar Adirondack furniture with options on the amount of finish work and sanding, ranging from Rough Cut parts kits for handyman types and resellers, to Ready to Assemble with all of the edges rounded over and ready to put together straight out of the box, to Fine Finish Sanded.

Previously, the only item that we offered in a rough kit form was our standard Adirondack chair, now all of our Adirondack patio furniture, with the exception of the Folding Adirondack Chair and Folding Ottoman, is available as a Rough Cut kit. The Rough Cut furniture kits are being made available at  very affordable prices.

For the Rough Cut Adirondack furniture, we layout and cut out all of the parts.  The critical hardware locations are also marked.  The edges will be either mill planered or saw cut, but unsanded, and unrouted, allowing you to use the edge profile of your choice.  The back slats are all left the same length, and are not cut to a curve, allowing you to cut them to whatever shape you like.  The faces are planered, but not sanded, and all of the screw and bolt holes are undrilled, so that you can assemble the furniture as you wish, whether using nails or counter-sinking and plugging the screw holes. We include our standard hardware for your convenience.  If you have the tools and the inclination, this is a great option to save money, and create a unique piece of furniture for yourself, or to sell or give as a gift.

For the Ready to Assemble Adirondack patio furniture we layout and cut out all of the parts, sand the edges, round over the edges, drill all of the screw and bolt holes, and sand the faces only as necessary to remove mill marks, etc.  The furniture is ready to put together and use, or to apply a coat of paint.  Some of the surfaces may have slightly raised grain patterns, etc., but the furniture is as ready to accept a finish as typical milled house siding or wood decking.

For the Fine Finish Sanded furniture we layout and cut out all of the parts, sand the edges, round over the edges, drill all of the screw and bolt holes, finish  sand all of the faces and hand sand all of the rounded edges of all parts.  The furniture is ready to put together and use, or to apply a coat of paint, stain or varnish of your choice.  The extra time and expense of all the finish sanding is not necessary if your going to leave the furniture unfinished, or if you are going to use traditional fence or deck type finishes, but provides a superior surface for applying finer finish options such as marine grade varnish or sprayed on primer and paint.

Which option is best for you?  Well, it depends on what you want to do with your new furniture -

If you are going to leave the wood raw, and let it weather, then the Ready to Assemble option is just what you need.  Also, if you are going to apply a coat of primer and paint, a colored stain, or any other brushed on finish, the Ready to Assemble option will work just great.  Some customers will probably want to finish sand everything themselves first, but this is usually not necessary.

Aerosol paints also work really well, as long as you apply a primer first.  ValSpar makes a line of paints which are available at most home improvement stores.  One drawback is that sprayed on paint tends to go on in a thinner coat, so the smoother the surface, the smoother the finished product. In this case, I would recommend the Fine Finish Sanded option. I also recommend this option if you are going to use a sprayed on clear finish.

The Ready to Assemble prices for all of our furniture are lower than our previous prices.  We felt that making these options available to our customers was the way to provide the best value.

New Products Coming Out

I am super excited about some new product ideas I have.  I have sketched some of them up in CAD, and couldn’t wait to put them out there for some feedback.

First item up is a wider version of our very popular dining chair.  This new version will have a seat width that is an additional 3″, which will make it more comfortable for larger framed folks like myself.

Wider width Dining Chair

Wider width Dining Chair

Next, I wanted to add some coffee tables to match our side table.  A lot of people set up their furniture on a patio or deck, and use it as an outdoor living type grouping, The coffee tables will lend themselves nicely to this.  The coffee table is 4″ shorter than the side table, mainly because that is what I typically see in living room groupings.  I couldn’t decide on using the same width as the end table, or another 6″ wider, so I am going to do both options.

Standard Coffee Table

Wide Coffee Table

Wide Coffee Table


What started this was that I have a patio umbrella that I bought a few years back, one of those “too cheap not to get it” kind of deals, and I figured I would come up with a use for it eventually.  Well, to date I have not, so I came up with two Adirondack chairs joined by a side table.  I can put a round hole with a grommet in the table and there is enough room below the table for an umbrella stand.  Now that I have mentioned this, I will, of course, have to come up with a good source for umbrellas and umbrella stands.


While I was thinking about making the wider dining chair, I thought , “why not make a bench out of it too?”


Which, of course, led me to the idea of a porch swing.