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The Advantages of Cedar for Outdoor Furniture

While other wood species are available, cedar is our wood of choice for our Adirondack chairs, tables and benches.  5/4 cedar is the minimum thickness material we use for any of our cedar furniture.  5/4 cedar is a full 1 inch thick when finish sanded.  This is considerably heavier (33%) than most of the furniture you will find on the market. Cedar affords the best value to our customers by providing lower cost, lighter weight and excellent weather and rot resistance:

  • Cedar is a lightweight and dimensionally stable wood, which means it resists the natural tendency to crack and check, as you might find in many other wood species.

  • Western Red Cedar has incredible insulating properties, which means that even on hot days, it is cool to sit in.

  • Western Red Cedar fibers contain oils that act as natural preservatives to help the wood resist rot and decay, making it excellent furniture material for moist or humid climates. These properties also make Cedar a very popular material for hot tub and sauna areas.

  • Among other things, these naturally occurring oils give off that distinct cedar aroma that makes the wood highly unattractive to insects.

  • Its bacterial and fungal resistance coupled with the fact that Cedar is 80% the strength of Oak, makes it one of the most desirable wood to use for building Adirondack chairs and other outdoor patio furniture.

  • We buy high-quality lumber, which we offer 3 ways:  Rough Cut, Ready to Assemble and Fine Finish Sanded.

  • Cedar, left unfinished, weathers to a silver-gray, a no-maintenance look preferred by many.

  • Cedar readily takes most exterior grade finishes, including paint, stains, spar varnish and oil finishes

Barbecued Pizza

In addition to woodworking, I also enjoy cooking and baking.  I decided early on in my adult life that I better learn to cook well, given that I like to eat well, and I couldn’t afford to eat out all the time.

One hot summer day, a couple of years ago, I decided I wanted to make homemade pizza.  I had recently tried my hand at making and smoking Canadian bacon (which is really very easy, and I will have to post about how to do it some time soon), and decided homemade pizza provided a good excuse to use some of it.  It was far too hot to want to heat up the kitchen by turning on the oven, so I decided to try baking it using indirect heat on the grill.  I had seen prime rib and other things cooked this way, and figured it might just work.

I made the dough, and added Italian herbs to it, rolled it out to about a 14″ round, placed it on an oiled piece of aluminum foil, topped it with sauce, cheese, Italian sausage and my Canadian bacon, more cheese and let it rise for about 20 minutes.  I am not a fan of crispy cracker crust pizza, I like a nice thick bready crust.  As you can see in the picture below, it really rose a lot.

While the dough was rising I fired up the grill. We have a gas grill with 4 burners.  I used all the burners to raise the temperature with the lid closed to a little over 400 degrees, then turned off the center burners, leaving the side burners on low to maintain the temperature.  Once the dough had risen nicely, I placed the pizza on the foil in the middle off the grill, closed the lid, and baked it.  It was done in about 10 minutes, and was the absolutely fantastic. The only way I think you could get closer to a brick oven pizza would be an actual brick oven, or maybe a charcoal grill fired with hardwood charcoal, not briquettes.



Italian Herb Pizza Crust


Combine in mixer bowl:

1 TBS Active dry yeast

1 Cup warm water (105-110° F)

2 tsp Sugar

2 TBS olive oil

In a separate bowl, stir together:

2 ½ Cups All purpose flour

1 tsp salt

2 tsp Dried oregano

1 tsp Dried basil

1 tsp dried parsley

½ tsp garlic powder or 1 clove minced garlic

½ tsp onion powder

For stand mixer:

Once bubbles begin to form in yeast mixture, gradually add flour and herb mixture and knead with dough hook into a soft dough.  Form into a ball and press, roll or toss (I have never been able to hand toss pizza dough, wish I could) to desired size, place on lightly oiled pizza pan or cookie sheet, top with the sauce and toppings of your choice and bake at 400°F for 10-15 minutes.  For a crisper crust, use a perforated pizza pan.

To mix by hand:

Reduce the flour to 2 ¼ cups, stir in salt and herbs.  Create a well in the center of the flour and herb mixture, and pour the yeast mixture into the flour, mix with a spoon until all of the wet and dry ingredients are incorporated together.  Turn dough onto a floured counter and knead for about 5 minutes, working flour into the dough until it is smooth and elastic.  Form into a ball and press, roll or toss (I have never been able to hand toss pizza dough, wish I could) to desired size, place on lightly oiled pizza pan or cookie sheet, top with the sauce and toppings of your choice and bake at 400°F for 10-15 minutes.  For a crisper crust, use a perforated pizza pan.




Spring Outdoors with some new Patio Furniture

Walking across my yard yesterday, I noticed a couple of things that I swear were not there the day before. My climbing rose on my trellis is busting out all over with new growth, and almost as if over night, daffodils, irises and crocuses are bursting forth from the ground like there’s no tomorrow. The daffodils are already growing buds, and they weren’t even out of the ground just a few days ago.

roses bulbs

Looks like we’ve finally turned the corner from this really weird winter the country has been experiencing. Time for many folks to put away the snow shovel and get out the rake and the hoe. As thoughts turn to warmer days and being outdoors, without question, spending time relaxing on the patio, or in the back yard with family and friends, becomes a big part of that.  

Relaxation and comfort are synonymous with an Adirondack chair.  A contoured seat, tall curved back, and wide graceful arm rests to set a glass on, are essential components of a well built Adirondack chair.  Our customers tell us our chairs are “…perfectly contoured, and I’ve now spent a few hours sitting in it without even noticing it doesn’t have a pad. It is extremely sturdy, no creaks or wobbles… The angle of the back and gentle fan curve makes it even more comfortable.”

After time well spent digging in the garden, mowing the grass or planting rose bushes, you’ll have the satisfaction that comes from hard work, and a comfortable place to rest to look forward to.  As you settle into your comfortable Adirondack chair or bench from the Cedar Chair Store with a nice cold beverage in your hand, maybe think about firing up the barbecue, and enjoy your well deserved rest.

Another thing to look forward to with the arrival of spring is mornings spent on the patio with a warm mug of coffee or tea, when the chill of night, still clinging to the air, is chased away by the warming rays of the rising sun.  Our Adirondack style patio furniture, including our Adirondack chairs, dining chairs, benches, dining tables and coffee tables, will invite you to enjoy the warmer weather, and help make the most of an early start to your day.

Visit our web site today at the Cedar Chair Store,and let us help you relax in comfort, and make the most of outdoor living.