Kids' Chunky Adirondack Chair 8009


  • The Kids' Chunky Adirondack chair is a child sized version of our full size Adirondack Chair. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors for year-round value. Kids love furniture built just their size!

  • This chair is lightweight, strong, and durable. It is built to hold up to use, even by the most active of children.

  • A lot of the children's furniture we have seen is built rather thin and light weight. We use the same 1 inch thick hand selected Western red cedar for every part of our children's Adirondack chair that we do for our adult sized furniture, and the same hardware.
    Every piece is individually hand crafted to exact templates to ensure a quality fit.
  •  Choose the level of finish sanding that best suits your needs. Options available are Rough Cut, Ready to Assemble and Fine Finish Sanded.

    Your chair will ship to you disassembled, ready to finish. All of the hardware, and easy to follow instructions are included.

    Overall Width: 23"
    Overall Height: 25"
    Overall Depth: 26"
    Seat Width: 15"
    Seat Height: 11" at the front
    Back Height: 19" above seat
    Arm Rest Height: 16" above floor
    Arm Rest Width: 4-3/8"
    Priced from  $59.00 to 125.00
    Rough Kit Chair $59 (Sold in Pairs Only)
    Adirondack Chair, Ready to Assemble with Standard Hardware $95
    (Pre-drilled, edges rounded over, and sanded, ready to paint, or assemble and use)
    Stainless Steel Hardware $15
    Fine Finish Sanding $20
    (Hand sanded on all surfaces, ready to apply spray on paint finish)