The Regal Adirondack Chair 8005

The Regal Adirondack Chair - Featuring a generous seat width of 27", massive 8" wide x 8/4" arms (wide enough to set a dinner plate on), 8/4 frame and front legs, fastened together with over sized bolts. Weighing in at nearly 45 pounds, this is a significant chair, built for the discerning king and queen.

The seat and back of The Regal are built using 5/4" western red cedar. We start with hand selected Western red cedar, and layout each piece of your chair individually. All parts are made to exact templates to ensure the quality fit of each piece.

Choose the level of finish sanding that best suits your needs. Options available are Rough Cut, Ready to Assemble and Fine Finish Sanded.

Overall Width: 40"
Overall Height: 39"
Overall Depth: 38"
Seat Width: 27"
Seat Height: 17" at front edge
Back Height: 31" above seat
Arm Rest Height: 24-1/2" above floor
Arm Rest Width: 8"

Modeled after our Fancy Fanback Adirondack chair, but with an even more generous seat width, massive arms, oversized hardware and extra thick, sturdy legs, the Regal is a truly impressive chair. Your chair will ship to you disassembled, ready to finish. All of the hardware and instructions are included.
Priced from  $299.00 to 379.00
Adirondack Chair, Ready to Assemble with Standard Hardware $299
(Pre-drilled, edges rounded over, and sanded, ready to paint, or assemble and use)
Stainless Steel Hardware $40
Fine Finish Sanding $40
(Hand sanded on all surfaces, ready to apply spray on paint finish)