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Discover the difference our quality craftsmanship will bring to your porch, patio, home or garden. Enjoy the beauty of Hand Crafted furniture from The Cedar Chair Store.

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Nothing says comfort and relaxation better than a quality hand crafted Adirondack chair from The Cedar Chair Store. Imagine sitting back in your Adirondack chair on a warm summer day with a nice cold drink in your hand. The gently curved back and seat cradle you in blissful comfort. The arm rests are at just the right height, and provide a wide level place to set your drink. 

Whether enjoying a gentle Spring breeze in a quiet corner of your garden, or relaxing with family and friends, our Adirondack chairs and outdoor patio furniture are sure to provide years of enjoyment and comfort.

You have many options available when choosing patio furniture. Home centers, retailers and mass merchandisers carry a wide selection of imported wood, plastic and metal chairs and tables. There are also numerous on-line retailers who carry inexpensive imported wooden furniture and Adirondack chairs.

You can take pride in owning a quality piece of American made solid wood furniture from the Cedar Chair Store. Our Adirondack furniture is built to high quality standards using Western red cedar grown and harvested from conscientiously managed forests in Washington and Idaho. Your purchase will provide for the livelihood of American families. 

"The chair is absolutely wonderful! We stained it and it looks incredible. The thicker wood definitely makes a difference. We'll probably get a couple more for when guests come over." 
Mark S., Colorado Springs, CO

"The chair is perfectly contoured, and I've now spent a few hours sitting in it without even noticing it doesn't have a pad. It is extremely sturdy, no creaks or wobbles, thanks to the glue/screw concept. The angle of the back and gentle fan curve makes it even more comfortable." 
P. Doud, Enid, OK.

"Excellent quality furniture. Seller responded quickly to my questions. Overall a very pleasant experience dealing with this internet company. I would not hesitate to do business with them again." 
Chantal J.

"I am very pleased with the quality of the chairs. They arrived within the time line promised and were well packaged. They look really nice and are just as comfortable." 
Denise B.


Note: All of our unfinished Adirondack style furniture is shipped ready to assemble so that you can finish it as you wish. We are also able to offer much more affordable shipping rates by sending the furniture unassembled.

If you wish to have any of the furniture which is listed as "ready to assemble" shipped to you partially assembled, additional assembly and shipping charges will apply. Additional shipping charges will be quoted on a per item basis.
Please contact us via e-mail, including the item number and your location for further information.

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